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■ Leader in Busan Studies

The Busan Studies is an academic discipline that focuses on a comprehensive convergent study of Busan. The purpose of Busan Studies is to formulate the implementation measures for the development of Busan based on the identity of Busan found in research and academic activities. In the age of the globalization and in an information society, it is very important to identify the characteristics of Busan, and to deal with them from perspective of forward-thinking. It is the Busan Studies Center of Silla University that put its top priority on the studies on Busan for the first time. We remember a sense of duty that made us start the center, to taking the lead in the Busan Studies.


■ ​Platform for the Busan Studies

Research on Busan is a comprehensive study that researchers from different organizations are engaged in, and it needs an integration platform that combines a variety of research into a solution. Today, the platform’s role becomes very important across all industries, and therefore the Busan Studies Center aims to play a role of a platform for research on Busan to perform the task of integration. And we will try to make the Busan Studies Center as the model of other regional studies, so that more researchers are engaged in research on Busan and people interested in the Busan Studies visit us.


■ Specialized Busan Studies

With the launching of the Busan Studies Center, Silla University has operated the course of the Busan Studies, a part of liberal arts courses in the undergraduate curriculum. The Busan Studies is not only one of important fields of study, but also a discipline needed for undergraduate students. While concentrating on academic approaches to the Busan Studies, we try to reflect the outcome of the studies into education. Sometimes the data obtained from the course help researcher’s study on Busan. We have been conducting the survey of the students, and publish the finding results in the Journal of Busan Studies, that are uses as class material for the students. The Busan Studies Center will continue to get its own specialized outcomes through the Busan Studies that specializes in both academic research and education.​

  Silla University Busan Study Center
Director: Professor Kim daerae /  Tel (051) 999-5286 / email drkim@silla.ac.kr
assistant: assistant Hwang jihye /  Tel (051) 999-5192 / email busan_c@silla.ac.kr
Addr: Postal code: 46958 / 140 Baegyang-daero(Blvd), 700beon-gil(Rd.), Sasang-Gu, Busan, Korea

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