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Today countries are growing more and more interested in regional studies, and each region becomes engaged in fostering its development and improving the quality of life of its residents. Therefore it is time to make solid academic research on Busan to reflect on matters of the city.

In retrospect, Busan played a leading role at the beginning of the industrialization in Korea, and was the provisional capital of Korea during the Korean War. Busan also has contributed a lot to the country’s economic growth as Korea’s second largest city. However, although much time has passed, Busan hasn’t laid solid foundations for a better future yet, and it leads to fragile status of Korea’s second largest city.

Busan has also failed to establish its own identity to bring the people together, and the Busan economy is stagnant because it failed to come up with new industries despite a one-time leader in the economic growth. Investors have been not attracted to Busan because of increased cost of land, the shortage of land and qualified manpower, etc. Even the qualified manpower move out of Busan that has depended on them from other towns.

In the era of the knowledge economy and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it is severe for Busan to lack the capacity to attract the talented manpower, because it means that Busan has a weak foundation of leading future industries. The population of Busan continues to decline, and the aging population is increasing much faster than in other regions. Therefore, it is urgent for us to gain a foothold for a new leap forward as soon as possible.

To meet these challenges of our city, it is necessary to concentrate on the serious study on Busan. Recently there are, of course, increasing numbers of quantitative and qualitative studies on Busan than in the past, and more individual studies help us understand the various sides of Busan the people had never known. However, the city hasn’t reached a stage of integrating the findings from the studies into the driving force behind development of Busan

Now further efforts are needed to establish Busan’s future strategy through finding the identity of Busan, and understanding the capacity of Busan correctly. To do this, the Busan Studies Center of Silla University will continue its efforts. We are always open to every citizen who are concerned to Busan, and want to help develop the city, and we will make our best to pool our wisdom for the development of Busan.

   August 19, 2017

   Director Dr. Daerae Kim

  Silla University Busan Study Center
Director: Professor Kim daerae /  Tel (051) 999-5286 / email
assistant: assistant Hwang jihye /  Tel (051) 999-5192 / email
Addr: Postal code: 46958 / 140 Baegyang-daero(Blvd), 700beon-gil(Rd.), Sasang-Gu, Busan, Korea

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